Why MyntSmile?

MyntSmile’s proprietary low-abrasion formula with Patented DIAMYNT ingredient helps to maintain the gloss and luster of both porcelain and bonded restorations.

Patented Formula

MyntSmile is the first and only clinically-proven cosmetic toothpaste formulated specifically for continued, optimal maintenance of porcelain veneers, crowns and bonding, including anti-cavity and whitening properties.

Its versatility goes well beyond these core applications, providing efficacious “post-care maintenance” applicable to all cosmetic dental procedures. A must have product for the conscientious and savvy oral-hygiene patient.

MyntSmile’s proprietary low-abrasion formula with patented ingredients helps maintain the gloss and luster of both porcelain and bonded restorations.

This formula keeps the surface layer from becoming lifeless and dull making teeth less susceptible to more stain, tartar and plaque.

Made with fluoride and xylitol, MyntSmile has been clinically shown to help slow down demineralization of enamel and root cavities.

Product Highlights Include

  • Protects gloss and luster while brightening porcelain bonding
  • Brightens porcelain bonding safely
  • Doubles the life of cosmetic restorations and guaranteed texture
  • Renews old porcelain & bonding
  • Promotes more gloss than a conventional toothpaste
  • Extends overall life of ALL cosmetic dental procedures
  • No sodium laurel sulfate (SLS)
  • Anti Cavity Formula on enamel with 27% reduction in tooth decay
  • Low-abrasion at 52 RDA value safe on enamel and cosmetic work
  • Whitening
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A portion of our sales and will provide free dental restorations for victims of domestic violence

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