Whitening Veneers

MyntSmile’s patented formula will help maintain your cosmetic porcelain veneers and crowns

Porcelain veneers do not usually change color as they are durable and created to mimic the color of real teeth. However, there are three uncommon occurrences that can cause cosmetic porcelain veneers to become discolored:

As we age our gums recede, leaving the spot where the veneer meets the tooth exposed. This can cause little brown lines on your teeth because the veneers are put in place with glue composite that is now exposed, allowing it to be stained by coffee, wine, and other dark food and drinks. Unfortunately, gum recession cannot be reversed.

If your veneers were made over twenty years ago, they may not be made with porcelain at all. They could be made with plastic or a more porous porcelain that is not as durable as the ones used today.

Maintaining the Color of Veneers

Because porcelain is not porous, porcelain veneers are highly stain resistant. However, when using MyntSmile Toothpaste on a daily basis it will keep porcelain looking bright and polished. It helps maintain the longevity of the color of your smile by creating smooth surfaces and fight cavities on tooth enamel.

Dental patients should avoid stain-producing substances such as smoking, coffee, tea, wine, berries, soy sauce or anything that would stain a white shirt. When using MyntSmile daily it will help maintain your smile and protect your investment for a lifetime.

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Patented Formula

Are there products that can whiten veneers?

YES MyntSmile‘s patented formula will help maintain your cosmetic porcelain veneers and crowns better then any other toothpaste in the market. Studies show that MyntSmile‘s proprietary low abrasion formula helps to maintain the gloss and luster of both porcelain and bonded restorations. This formula keeps the surface layer from becoming lifeless and dull making teeth less susceptible to more stain, tartar and plaque. Made with fluoride and xylitol, DIAMYNT has been clinically shown to help slow down demineralization of enamel and root cavities. The patented formula also freshens and whitens teeth by removing surface stains safely with hydrated silica.

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